The Elevate Initiative


Elevate is a nonprofit organization founded to foster academic excellence and promote youth development in our community and in Nigeria as a whole. We are concerned about educational systems in Nigeria and the decline of interest in taking school serious among teenagers and young adults. Although their lack of interest is understandable owing to the limited job opportunities for school leavers, nonetheless, excellent individuals always stand out and make a mark in the world. That is what our organization hopes to instill in the mind of every young person. We know that tackling the education system of an entire country is not a day’s work, and so we are prepared to take baby steps. Our first baby step is to improve the performance of students in the present educational system. We believe that if students are given the opportunity to learn intensively and engage with good, interactive tutors, they will be successful and therefore dream big dreams that can change the country and even the world for the better.

This is the reason why we are organizing a free coaching program this summer spanning the month of August. We have partnered with Abundant Grace Church Osogbo, and they have been generous as to provide accommodation for the classes within the church premises.

What makes this coaching unique and futuristically effective is that the tutors are young people who have recently taken the WAEC & JAMB exams and have had distinctions. For now, we are offering classes in only the five basic science subjects; Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics & Chemistry. Our tutors/volunteers are young people too and so this gives us an opportunity to show them that they have something to offer. This program serves two ultimate purposes. One, to help the student see that they are capable of success if they are are willing to work and learn through the visible example of their tutors. Two, it shows the young tutor the importance of adding value to the society with whatever you have (in this case knowledge) and also gives them an opportunity to inspire. The structure of the program also allows for engagement between students and tutors since everyone is within approximately the same age group. A community of mentorship can be cultivated and encouraged.

The classes will last at most six hours everyday, excluding weekends. One hour will be allotted to each subject, and breaks will be held at intervals. Our goal is to go through the WAEC syllabus in the four weeks of August with fifty students. We are putting a limit to the number of students because we intended to be effective and a large class will not help that. We want every child to be fully involved. Fifty is a workable number of students that we can eventually split into two classes in all and manage well.

Even though our tutors are young and have volunteered to teach, we want to compensate and encourage their effort. We also want to finance some of the necessary things they will need to teach and few social needs as well such as their transport and feeding. For these reasons we need funding. So far we have two sponsors who have given generously but we would like all the help we can get. We will be immensely grateful if you decide to invest in this project and partner with us in changing the narrative of mass failures. You would be helping to educate fifty kids this summer and that in itself is a great start at a better future for all of us.

To donate or sponsor contact our coordinator: 07016654751.

Let’s make our youths great, one life at a time.

Thank you.


Remember that time I said I was going to find a way to help, well, turns out there’s always a way to help if you look hard enough. I hope this helps all 50 students that will be attending.


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