A Review Of Elevate’s Free Summer School Project 2017

The Free Summer School started on the Tuesday, 1st of August 2017 with nine students and with time grew to over 21 students. To be precise, 24 students in total. The classes lasted 5 hours on average, sometimes more, other times less, depending on the state of the students that day, and the tutors availability to go the extra mile. The hours were longer more often than not.

Data Based on Questionnaire


100% of the students enjoyed the free summer school very much. When asked why, they all stated that the reason being the teaching and interaction between teachers and students. One of the student went further by talking about how in her school, the management only cares about money and not about the quality of teachers and learning. He/she (the person opted to not include personal identification) ended her/his reply with a prayer for the school.


The goals of the project were to:

  • Show students that excellence counts and can take you places through the examples of the young tutors.
  • Show the young tutors the importance of adding value to the society and steadily teaching them how to be mentors.
  • Show that school can be interesting and is a great place to learn.

These goals were all achieved.

Our major challange was inconsistency. Most of the students stopped showing up after sometime. Some gave their reason to be that the classes were too hectic. This was saddening and we tried to reach out to them, but they remained adamant. We are working on ways to making the program inclusive for everyone, even the lazy ones. Most of the students complained that the work hours were too long (10am-4pm), and assignments were too much, so we will review this in future and in turn increase the number of weeks it runs for, because there’s much to cover and we didn’t cover much ground in those supposedly long hours.


It was a great experience for both tutor and student and they all assured us that they will be happy to attend if we held the free summer school next year, if they’ve not graduated from secondary school by then.

We are very grateful for our partners who showed extreme and unrelenting support all through, especially Abundant Grace Church, for providing a venue for us. May God lace your paths with gold and favour on every side.

Thank you.


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