Choosing Your Battles

Hi guys! Today I want to quickly examine the art of choosing your battles as we draw closer to the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. I am sure you are already writing down your goals and plans. There’s no need to put up a front, I would be lying if I say I don’t love new beginnings too, that I don’t take a special liking to the thought of a new chapter unfolding. We all do and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So earlier in the year, I read a book called Die Empty, you’ve probably read my review and there’s a chapter in there that’s titled choosing your battles. It didn’t really occur to me then, until very recently that there’s more to choosing what you choose to fight for and what you are willing to let go.

Someone, I cannot remember who right now, said we can do anything but we cannot do everything. We as human beings are not capable of everything single thing we imagine doing because we have limitations that are quite a part of who we are. And this limitations shouldn’t be seen as limitations, they shouldn’t be seen as hindrances because could you imagine what it would be like if everybody was doing everything, there would be no diversity and therein beauty that we have all come to enjoy. Instead we should see limitations are road signs pointing towards the places where we are truly needed and where we will excel. 

I hate hate. I hate the salve trade. I also hate that some people are still dying of malaria. I also hate that Trump is encouraging further hostility towards vulnerable groups but I can’t help with all of that. I hate it all, but I can’t help it all in my lifetime. What I can help with is malaria because I am a medical student. I have chosen certain battles by choosing my career path. 

What would be disastrous is a human being that is trying to do everything. Like I mentioned in another post, focus increases the quality of your work. If you choose too many battles, you might and mostly likely will loss them all. Look at Jesus, he had just one goal; to die for humanity and that was that. Choose your battles, no every battle is yours to fight.



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